The mission of the Women Former Students' Network of Texas A&M University

Since the Texas Legislature opened the doors of Texas A&M University to women students in 1963, their presence has shaped and improved the academic and cultural life of the institution. Now comprising half of the student body, nearly sixty percent of staff and one-third of faculty, women are increasingly making their mark on the history of the university. Women’s mark in philanthropy is also notable as donations to Texas A&M University by women alumnae have reached almost $20 million.

In recognition of the extraordinary contribution that women make to the life of Texas A&M University and with an eye toward facilitating and even greater tie to the university, Bylaws of the WFSN do hereby create and guide the Women Former Students’ Network as a Constituent Network of the Association of Former Students of Texas A&M University.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Women Former Students’ Network shall be to enhance the excellence of Texas A&M University by promoting the active engagement of women in the educational, charitable, and cultural life of the institution. The mission shall be witnessed through increased engagement of women former students in academic, research and service activities; through their expanded role as mentors of current women students, and future generations of women students; and through their increased philanthropic ties to the university and The Association of Former Students. In the representation of its membership and in all its activities, the Network shall strive to value and promote inclusiveness and diversity.